Work & Study

What is Work and Study?

Work & Study programs, which provide the opportunity to work abroad on a part or full-time basis while studying at the same time, are increasing their popularity every year. Thanks to these programs, students not only contribute to their foreign education budgets, but also stay ahead of their competitors in working life with the overseas work experience they have gained.


Thanks to the Work and Study programs, students who want to both work and study abroad can work abroad part-time during their education and full-time during their school holidays. However, both working and studying abroad vary according to country preferences. For example, Work and Study Canada and Work and Study Australia automatically grant each student the right to work with their visa approval. A work permit application is also made for the visa application for Work and Study Dubai. In Work and Study Ireland and Work and Study Malta, students must apply for a work permit within 2 months of their arrival in their country.



Work and Study programs that allow some or all living expenses to be covered are available in Canada, Australia, Ireland, Malta and Dubai. In each of them, students can work and contribute to their budget while they are studying in the countries and cities they go to. Work and Study programs can be taken with 3 months or more language education in Malta, Dubai and Australia, and 6 months or more in Ireland with language education. For Work and Study Canada, registration for a certificate or diploma program of 6 months or more is required. There is no work permit opportunity for language schools in Canada.



Work and Study programs are generally made like applications for other foreign language schools. It doesn't matter if the students are high school or college graduates. Foreign language levels are also not important for Work and Study program acceptance. However, it is recommended to have at least an intermediate level of English in order to be able to find work abroad comfortably.


Students are placed in their classes and start their education according to the results of the English placement test of the foreign language school they are enrolled in. Work permits, on the other hand, are issued before their travel or following their arrival, depending on the preferred country, as stated above.


Work and Study Canada programs differ from other countries as they do not allow work during language education. Candidates with at least a high school diploma are required to enroll in a 6-month certificate or diploma program, as well as an intermediate or higher command of English. During the diploma or certificate programs with international validity in many branches such as business, sales-marketing, engineering, computer science, it is possible to earn a minimum of 675 € per month on a part-time basis. It is possible to earn € 1,350 and more per month with the right to work full time during holidays or following certificate-diploma training.


For Work and Study Ireland programs, enrollment in a 25-week language training program is required. During the education period, it is possible to earn a minimum of 800 € per month on a part-time basis, and a minimum of 1.600 € per month on a full-time basis for 2 months for programs within certain date ranges following language education.


For Work and Study Australia programs, enrollment in a 3-month language training program is required. It is possible to earn a minimum of 690 € per month part-time during the education period, and a minimum of 1,380 € per month full-time for 2 months for programs in certain date ranges following language education.


For Work and Study Malta programs, enrollment in a 25-week language training program is required. It is possible to earn a minimum of €380 per month part-time during the education period, and a minimum of €760 a month full-time during semester breaks or long holidays like Christmas.


For Work and Study Dubai programs, enrollment in a language training program is required. It is possible to earn a minimum of €420 per month part-time during the study, and a minimum of €840 a month full-time during semester breaks or during long holidays like Christmas.


You can have more detailed information about Work and Study programs that provide internship or study abroad opportunities by contacting our consultants.



While Work and Study is a program where students can work part-time or full-time while studying English abroad, Work and Travel, a cultural exchange program, only offers the opportunity to work abroad. The student cannot attend a language training in the Work and Travel program. However, the Work and Travel program also requires conditions such as studying at the university and having a certain grade point average for student admission.



Work and Study prices vary from country to country and according to the duration of the training. Apart from the overseas Work and Study fees, it is recommended to allocate a monthly budget of at least 1.000 € for accommodation, insurance and living expenses. You can contact our consultants for the most up-to-date Work and Study prices.



“What is Work and Study?”, “How is it possible to study and study abroad?”, “Why Work and Study?” This is a question many young people and parents ask. The advantages of those who want to study and work abroad, which can shed light on those who are considering participating in Work and Study programs, can be summarized under 7 main headings:

  1. Bringing the resume to the fore. Your education, which is completed in another country and culture within the framework of Work and Study programs, is primarily evaluated by employers as the superiority of high self-confidence and adaptability, as well as the power to communicate with different people. This allows you to stand out in your job applications and provides a noticeable advantage over your competitors.

  2. Registration without exam and diploma. It is possible to enroll in almost any Work and Study program and start learning on desired dates without any exam or diploma prerequisites.

  3. Advanced level of command of a foreign language. Those who successfully complete the Work and Study programs are in a position that is both sought after and indispensable for almost every employer, as they have a very advanced command of the language in which they are educated.

  4. World-renowned diploma-certificate. Diplomas or certificates to be obtained from accredited foreign language schools are recognized by the world, which provides noticeable advantages while climbing the global education and career ladder.

  5. Contribution to education or living budget. Thanks to the unique Work and Study programs that allow both studying and working abroad, students have the opportunity to meet some or all of their living or education expenses.

  6. Personal development. Self-spent time in any country is unique. The opportunity to rediscover oneself in a completely different culture, adaptation to a brand new environment, and the processes of solving possible problems in a foreign environment not only contribute positively to the independence of the students, but also increase their self-confidence visibly.

  7. Seeing new places, meeting different people. The most obvious gain of Work and Study programs is to live in places that have not been visited before, perhaps to be seen, and to have the chance to meet new people in the country of study or in the surrounding countries and have a lifetime of unforgettable experiences.