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 Studying in the World's Most Livable Country 

Canada, which has been repeatedly chosen as the "Country with the Highest Quality of Life" by the United Nations, is an ideal country for those who want to receive an affordable and quality education in a peaceful and safe environment. Canada ranked particularly high for non-formal education opportunities, long life expectancy (due to a universal health care system), low crime and violence rates. Canadian language schools have been applying serious discounts and campaigns in language education programs in order to increase their share in the language school market in recent years. Therefore, many students who want to study abroad have started to prefer language schools in Canada.


Language schools, especially concentrated in Vancouver and Toronto, offer a wide range of education options for students who want to study English. Since the second mother tongue spoken in the country is French, students who want to learn multiple languages ​​and who want to support their career academically by continuing their language education and then continuing their university or graduate studies also prefer to learn English in Canada.

It is the right choice to receive language education in the motherland of English, in a deep-rooted culture in England, where tradition and innovation meet, famous for its parks, greenery is carefully preserved, having a high standard of living, historical values ​​and protecting these values ​​very well.


Due to its proximity to Turkey, it is the first choice of students who want to study abroad for a short time. UK Language Schools and Cities There are many language schools in every region of England. In general, students prefer the capital of England, London, which is also a world city, and its surroundings, namely southern England with its mild climate.


Oxford and Cambridge, where the country's most prestigious university students live, are among the first choices of students who want to study in Bristol, Bournemouth, Brighton by the sea and Manchester, the football city.


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Learning English in Your Homeland


Study In Malta

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The charming island in the south of Italy

Malta offers attractive opportunities for students who want to take a vacation while studying English language. Thousands of people from all over Europe prefer Malta, who want to take advantage of the sea and the sun, especially in summer, instead of the often overcast, cloudy and rainy weather of England. Malta allows you to do both language education and summer vacation at the same time, at a single cost.


Language Education in Malta One of the most important features of Malta is its schools specializing in language education. Being a British Colony for 180 years, Malta's second mother tongue being English and the country's proximity to the important centers of Europe enabled the development of English schools in this country. Maltese language schools are hosting more and more students every year, due to the very economical education programs in the winter months and the extremely entertaining education programs in the summer months.

While Australia is home to some of the best universities in the world, it also has one of the most interesting geographies in the world. With more than 12,000 beaches, animals and plants you will not see anywhere else in the world,


Australia will attract you with its friendly people and vibrant social cultural life. Language Education in Australia Australia is particularly successful in pre-university language education. Combined with the lower living expenses compared to Europe, there is a program that can suit almost every person.


Language Education System in Australia The language education program that foreign students who will study in Australia can attend must be at least 25 hours a week.


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The most diverse and welcoming country in the world